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Do you feel you need a loyalty system, but you are uncertain? We can help! Below are illustrated some typical application areas.


The card may be free, but may be subject to a minimum consumption (e.g. all guests receive it they consume at least 50 EUR or USD value).

Frequent Guest Card – Points are credited on the card of the guest after the individual consumption, typically the discount means some discount in percent, but it can be a gift, e.g. 20 EUR as one point. The redemption can be done by spending the points (1 point = 0.2 EUR or USD, 2 points = 0.2 EUR or USD etc.) or by purchase of products or services (e.g. one glass of wine = 10 points, 30 points = 1 free lunch menu, for 50 points a gift voucher is received, etc.).

Meal vouchers – It’s a type of a gift voucher used in restaurants, it usually means a preloaded amount which can be spent later. This card is a great way to handle the prepaid-(weekly, monthly) menus.

Event Registration – The card is great for events (receptions, presentations, cocktail parties) as a toll for the pre-registration check.

For Hotels

In a hotel there are usually more consumption sites (reception, restaurant, spa, fitness etc.), the guests can collect points on the card.

The points can be cashed by encouraged guests to control the consumption of certain places, for example in the restaurant every weekday between 16-17 hours 1 point = 0.5 EUR or USD.

Gift vouchers – vouchers can be used at a hotel: a great gift idea.

Local Governments

A well-functioning city card with all reasonable functions is not available currently in the country (there are a number of reasons, the main problem is usually caused by a lack of cooperation between urban service providers). The smaller and larger settlements, however, successfully manage their services with a special discount card. For example, a small city can promote tourism-related attractions through a discount card which can be used at individual locations.


Season tickets – The guests fill (pay the price of the ticket) their card (season ticket) in advance, and the training sessions are validated in a form of point deduction (1 point = 1 training).

Gift Voucher Card – For a gym it’s a great idea for gifting.

Stationery Shop

Once registered, customers can start collecting the points in the company’s stationery stores and in the webstore as well. The available products to collect points and the promotional period can be changed.

Gift Voucher Cards – A stationery voucher is a great gifting idea.

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